Tuesday, May 02, 2006

March '06 Journey III : Laos Day 1

Laos Trip : Day 1 (13 Mar 06)

Finally, we reached Nongkhai station at 6.10 am with only 10 mins late from schedule.
Then, we took a tuktuk to Nongkhai bus terminal.

After we had and easy meal at a small restaurant in the terminal area,
we took this international bus to Vientiene.

It took about 1 hour to pass two customs boundary (Naongkhai and Vientiene).

Pra tu xai, one of the symbol in Vientiene.
(a very zoom shot because we didn't have time to go there)

Khao jee (ข้าวจี่) or Baquette, A long french bread with lots of stuffings
is a very common Laos food. We bought this for lunch in the local bus to Vanvieng.

14:30 is time to reach Vangvieng.
Thanks to this uncle sending us off here eventhough he made us confused a lot.

Thavornsuk Resort, this is a place to stay for 2 nights in Vangvieng.

A bridge to Jung cave, it took less than 10 mins from the resort.

147 steps upto the entrance of the cave.

Inside the Jung cave.

Back to a very small downtown of Vangvieng in the evening
which is under construction everywhere, thanks to a driver (อ้ายหงษ์) for helping us a lot.

We were so hungry because of very small lunch, so we immediately headed to
a good restaurant for early dinner. (of course, BEER LAO first)

Pho, Vietnamese noodel in Laos style.

Somtum or Tumbakhung, a Laos style papaya salad.

We took a rest in the restaurant for a long time. then, we went back to the resort to be ready for tomorrow's kayaking trip that we reserved with a small agency after dropping by a Roti street stall for a dessert.


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Sigh....I wish I can eat all the food I see in your blog. Does not help tht I am still in the lab and haven't had dinner! The stuffed french bread sounds heavenly!

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loved the pix.. i especially missed the papaya salad in laos..


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