Friday, May 05, 2006

March '06 Journey III : Laos Day 2

Laos Trip : Day 2 (14 Mar 06)

We woke up around 7am to breathe fresh air in the morning of Vangvieng along Xong river.

Morning view from the resort.

More expensive rooms in the resort because it is closed to the river.

Pho (again), my breakfast at the resort.

E-tan อีแต๋น , a basic vehicle in rural area, was tried to cross the river.

Then, we went to Water Cave in the morning. It was very fun to float inside the cave.

After getting wet from the Water cave, we were back to a small village to have lunch. This is a small hill nearby. (See the monks upthere)

My main lunch, Fried rice - BBQ - Baquette

We ordered another dish, Lab Kwai ลาบเนื้อควาย

Very kind Laos people gave us this dish which made us so happy because we were disappointed with the two above. -- Khao Piak

A wooden bridge around there.

After lunch, we finally took a Kayak along Xong river back to the resort.

Such a nice weather today, quite cool.....

We dropped by at the rest area which has its very western style. I tried this jumping once... so fun and exciting. (it is not me in the picture.)

Everywhere has BEER LAO...

After taking rest for an hour, we continued kayaking back to the destination which is just at our resort. Our kayaking members included a young couple from Germany and a business man from the US.

Very nice nature view of Vangvieng before sunset.

Another great mountaineous view shooting from the resort. After taking a shower, we aimed to the downtown again to find a local restaurant, not western-style ones.

Somtum or Tumbakhoong again. Damnn good....

Laab (again), a bit different from Thai style one because they put cow-pea (ถั่วฝักยาว) and bean sprouts (ถั่วงอก) .

Grilled pork

Eventhough this meal was my most favourite along the trip, it made me have diarrhea on the next day during on the van. Thanks to the driver that he dropped by at a nice shop which has a very clean toilet for me. It is time to say bye to Vangviang, a place of nature -- mountain and river -- which is called as a sister city of Pai (Thailand) and Guilin (China).


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At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oohhh.....the food! Vangvieng looks really beautiful and you guys had so much fun!
Ai Ling

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At 6:01 AM, Anonymous stacey vue said...

Beautiful pictures.. what kind of cameram did you used?

I'll make vangvien on my list next time i visit laos.


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